Putin awarded the Pushkin Medal to Donskov and Orwin

Путин наградил Донскова и Орвин медалью Пушкина

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Kremlin News — 30 апреля 2008 годаPolitics-Rus.com — 30-04-2008

Президент России Владимир Путин своим указом наградил профессора Университета Оттавы Андрея Донскова и профессора Университета Торонто Донну Орвин медалью Пушкина.

Канадские ученые награждены "за большой вклад в сближение и взаимообогащение культур наций и народностей, изучение и популяризацию русского языка и русской культуры".

Указ №618

Also reported on page 1 in East Ottawa Weekly Journal: From Russia, with love: Blackburn Hamlet resident receives prestigious medal, July 18, 2008.    "Politics tore his family from their homeland and separated a husband and wife, but the enduring stories of the warmth, kindness and beauty of a people marked by tragedy has spurred a Blackburn Hamlet resident to dedicate his life to the study of Russia."

Kremlin News — April 30, 2008
LexisNexis News — May 4, 2008

President Vladimir Putin has awarded the Pushkin Medal to two Canadian university professors, Andrei Donskov and Donna Orwin.

Andrei Donskov, professor at the University of Ottawa, and Donna Orwin, professor at the University of Toronto and Editor of the Tolstoy Studies Journal, received the decoration for their great contribution to the rapprochement and mutual enrichment of different people’s cultures and the study and popularisation of Russian language and culture. Both are leading Canadian Slavist in Russian literature and world-renowned Tolstoy experts.

The Pushkin Medal was instituted in 1999 to honour the 200th anniversary of the birth of the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.

Though many others also recieved the award, these are the only Canadians, per presidential Order #618 above.

Donskov was the first Canadian to be granted the "MAPRJaL" Pushkin award in 1998 for scholarly achievements in Russian literature, and the only foreign scholar to be appointed to the Editorial Board of the massive new edition of Tolstoy's works now being published by the Russian Academy of Sciences. In 2001 he was elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada (Division of Humanities and Social Sciences).

Donskov's recent books:

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