In Memory of Professor Emeritus Peter Brock

by Koozma Tarasoff, August 2006

86, Professor Emeritus of History, University of Toronto, died peacefully at home on Sunday, May 28, 2006 after a 10 month illness with cancer. Peter was a Quaker and conscientious objector in Britain during World War II. He was fluent in many languages and the author of 30 books and numerous articles, several about Doukhobors. See links to 2 obituaries below.

I have met Dr. Brock and have used his sources on a number of occasions.

Peter Brock has written about the Doukhobors in his books, such as Pacifism in Europe To 1914 (Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 1972).

Also he was on the Editorial Board for the book The Long Way of Russian Pacifism: Ideal of International and Inner Peace in Russian Religio- philosophical and Socio-political Thought (Moscow: Institute of World History, 1997). Chaper 3, called "Conscientious objection in the Russian Empire", includes the following items by contributors who attended the international conference in Moscow in 1992:
  1. "Some Russian pacifist sectarians and military service, 1874-1914" (P.Brock, Canada).
  2. "History of pacifist movement in Doukhobor sect, XVIII-XX c." (S. Inikova, Russia).
  3. "Canadian Doukhobors as peacemakers" (K. Tarasoff, Canada).
  4. "Conscientious objection in the Mennonite Communities of Tsarist Russia" (L. Klippenstein).
  5. "Seventh-day Adventists and Noncombatancy in the Russian Empire" (D. Heinz, Austria).
The book is presented in Russian, with a Summary in English at the back (pages 351- 374). Only 700 copies were printed. Hence, very few people know of this interesting volume.

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