This new section is being introduced to provide insights into the
thinking and contributions of the Doukhobor pioneers to society.
By whetting ones interest, it is hoped the reader will go to the source.
Here's 2 free updated chapters from my book: Spirit Wrestlers: Doukhobor Pioneers’ Strategies for Living  (2002).

Chapter 1:  Doukhobors — an Overview   (Download in RTF, rich text format)
Published as Chapter One, reprinted by permission from The Encyclopedia of Canada’s Peoples (1999) where Koozma’s Entry was first published. Updated by Koozma J. Tarasoff 2006.

Chapter 3: 'The Wisdom of the Ages’.  Revised 2013 as: 'Wisdom of the Ages: Unified Doukhobor Beliefs.'

   1. The Spirit Within.
   2. The peace act.
   3. The work ethic.
   4. Co-operation is the way.
   5. Creativity and inventiveness.
   6. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.
   7. Singing from the soul.
   8. The spirit of sharing and hospitality.
   9. The bridge-building tradition.
  10. Roots for survival.
        History of this List
       Future Thoughts
'What Lev N. Tolstoy means to me and the Doukhobors.'
Excerpt from the book: Leo Tolstoy and the Canadian Doukhobors: an historic relationship
Andrew Donskov, Ottawa: Slavic Research Group at the University of Ottawa, 2005: pp. 233-237.
Popular Myths or Fallacies about the Doukhobors (Download in RTF, rich text format)
Excerpt from the book: 'Spirit Wrestlers: Doukhobor Pioneers' Strategies for Living',
by Koozma J. Tarasoff, 2002: pp. 379-384. All rights reserved.  
    1. Doukhobor pacifism is passive and not important for the peace movement or for Canada’s foreign policy.
    2. Doukhobor is a ‘sect’ or a ‘cult’.
    3. Queen Victoria met the Doukhobors and is credited with settling the Russian dissidents in Canada.
    4. Doukhobors ‘go nude, burn, and bomb’.
    5. Doukhobors are Christians and believe in the Bible and Jesus Christ.
    6. Doukhobors are dupes of ‘spiritual leaders’ and gullible to their whims.
    7. Doukhobors are vegetarians.
    8. Doukhobors do not vote, pay taxes, or own land.
    9. Doukhobors are gullible to vivid metaphors and prophecies.
    10. The Sons of Freedom, or zealots, are the last vestige of the true Doukhobor spirit.
Multiculturalism and the rise of a new spirit  (Download in RTF, rich text format)
Excerpt from the book: 'Spirit-Wrestlers' Voices',
Honouring Doukhobors on the Centenary of their migration to Canada in 1899.
Compiled and edited by Koozma J. Tarasoff (Ottawa: Legas, 1998): pp. 329-345.
 l. Doukhobors and the Old State
2. The Doukhobors Participate in Canada
3. Accommodation to modern society
4. Canadian Multiculturalism Policy (l97l) and Act (l988)
    4.1. Military service and the oath of allegiance
    4.2. Land ownership
    4.3. Public education, registration of births, marriages and deaths
    4.4. Heritage language and culture
    4.5. Co-operative ethic and communal structure
5. Liberal democracy and multiculturalism
6. The Rise of the ‘New Spirit’
    Summary and Conclusion

Online Articles, Abstracts, Interviews and Letters:

Greetings to the 61st Doukhobor Youth Festival in Castlegar, BC —  May 14, 2008

Мое открытие Толстого, Зимин Борис И., Москва РФ — Translated article and preface, April 18, 2008
My Discovery of Tolstoy, by Boris I. Zimin, Moscow, Russia

On Poverty, War and Peace — A call to action — March 7, 2008.

New Website for Doukhobor Artist: 'Doukhobor-Russian Reflections' by Florence Chernoff-Lymburner
February 11, 2008.

Book Review: Alla Bezhentseva. Strana Dukhoboriya [Land of the Doukhobors] (Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia: International Cultural-Educational Union ‘Russian Club’), 2007. Russian language. 152 pp.
February 7, 2008.

Doukhobor Artist Jan Kabatoff Prepares Exhibit on Glaciers
— January 22, 2008

Messages to the Saskatoon Doukhobor Society: Doukhobor Peace Library and Museum — December 8–9, 2007

Dr. Nicholas Zbitnoff (1902-1987): biography, 194 photos — December 13, 2007

Tolstoy and the Doukhobors — Paper presented at the First Global Nonkilling Leadership Forum, Hawaii November 1-4, 2007

British Columbia Novelist Explores Doukhobor Life: Book Review of Svoboda by Bill Stenson
October 6, 2007

Ottawa Festival of Peace Provides Hope for an Ailing World
October 3, 2007

Peter G. Makaroff — a Doukhobor for all times
September 24, 2007

Provocateurs at Protests!
September 15, 2007

Doukhobor Highlights
Spring & Summer 2007 September 14, 2007  TEXT IN-PROGRESS

Letter to the Editor, The Ottawa Citizen — War Museum’s Portrayal of Bombings in Germany — September 10, 2007

Press release: ‘Courage of Doukhobors’ on TV 22.5 minutes on 3 shows July 7, 14, and 21. Narrated in English with subtitles in 9 languages, including Russian. August 15, 2007

Letter to the Editor, The Ottawa Citizen — Don't "hijack sports for war" — May 3, 2007

Message to Peace Rally in Castlegar, BC Read by Larry A. Ewashen, Curator, Doukhobor Discovery Centre, Castlegar, British Columbia March 17, 2007

The Magic of the Month of March for Bulgaria, Spring and Women
March 8, 2007

The Saskatoon Russian Cultural Club Makes Its Mark
January 21, 2007

Douk is a negative word to my generation. Letter to Iskra Editor. Jan. 14, 2007

"In Practice and Reality", holiday poem by Laura Savinoff
Dec. 2006

Letter to the Editor, Friends Journal Nov. 29, 2006

Vaschenko – A Literary Bridge-Builder Across Cultural Boundaries
— Posted Nov. 11, 2006. Updated Dec. 13, 2006

Doukhobors in World War II, paper presented to the "Panel on Religion and Conscientious Objection in the Wider World", at the University of Winnipeg, Manitoba at the conference: "War and the Conscientious Objector: Historical Perspectives".
3-5 p.m. Friday, October 20, 2006

Plakun-Trava, strategies for living, and negotiated memory: Two recent publications on the Doukhobor Social Movement, by Dr. Gunter Schaarschmidt — Book Reviews, The Social Science Journal 43 (2006) 503-512.
— Sept. 16, 2006

Toward a Culture of Peace — Quaker Murray Thomson reaches out to Doukhobors — Sept. 4, 2006

The Inquirer 1954-1958 — Contents of all 50 issues of the Doukhobor Inquirer, work in-progress since
Sept. 2, 2006

"Hodge Podge" — very short stories about Doukhobors today, instant history in the making which doesn't merit a full article but should be passed along. Restarted from the Doukhobor Inquirer, Aug. 26, 2006

Saskatchewan Archives Sources on Doukhobors, by Nadine Charabin, Chief Archivist, Collections, Saskatchewan Archives Board, Saskatoon, Sask. Submitted: Aug 11, 2006

In Memory of Anthropologist Harry Bertram Hawthorn (1910-2006) — Chairman of the Doukhobor Research Committee. Aug. 9, 2006

In Memory of Professor Emeritus Peter Brock
5 August, 2006

Historians Against War: Letter to Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper.  July 27, 2006

The Events That Shook the World in 1895. An article for Nonviolence, International Gandhian Institute for Nonviolence and Peace (IGINP), Tamil Nadu, India. July 19, 2006.

5  Corrections for National Defence website. July 12, 2006

A Message to the Annual Petrov Dien / Doukhobor Peace Day, Doukhobor Heritage Village, Verigin, Saskatchewan.
June 29, 2006

World Peace Forum and March, Vancouver, British Columbia. 4 reports, 7 photos. June 23-28, 2006

Doukhobor Cultural Bridgebuilding Project: Schedule for May 1-31, 2006. Map, 144 photos.

The Mysterious Death of Doukhobor Leader Peter V. Verigin in 1924. For the new website: Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History launched on April 27, 2006.  Includes 16 photos of the dedication ceremony and my presentation: The Significance of Peter V. Verigin

Open Letter to the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper with copies to select members of the Canadian Parliament, the Ottawa Citizen, Iskra, and several other papers. March 15, 2006

Letter To the Editors of Iskra and The Dove: Cultural Appreciation Tour, Donations needed for guest costs. March 2, 2006.

Book Review: Andrew Donskov. Leo Tolstoy and the Canadian Doukhobors: an historic relationship.
Ottawa, Ontario. February 2006

Book Review: Nicholas B. Breyfogle. Heretics and Colonizers: forging Russia's empire in the south Caucasus. Ottawa, Ontario. February 2006.

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New historical fiction about Doukhobors
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Yasnaya Polyana in Bulgaria Features Conference on Lev N. Tolstoy, Ottawa, Canada, August 21, 2003.

Doukhobor Writer Publishes Major Book in May 2003: Spirit Wrestlers: Doukhobor Pioneers’ Strategies for Living, Ottawa, Canada, August, 2003.

'Protest in Ottawa Brings Consensus Against War in Iraq', in Molokan News, January 22, 2003.

'NO TO WAR!: a letter to Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien', in Molokan News, September 1, 2002. We are living in exciting and dangerous times. The September 11, 2001, terrorist attack on New York and Washington are examples of this.

'Heritage Village Acquires Doukhobor Elevator', The Kamsack Times, March 29, 2001, page 1.

Obituary of Kenneth Peacock: Outstanding Canadian Musician, Musicologist and Folklorist. Born in Toronto in 1922. Died in Ottawa.  November 22, 2000.

'Notes by Koozma J. Tarasoff for a talk at THE FESTIVAL OF PEACE', Ottawa, Ontario September 16, 2000, in Molokan News. A message of the Doukhobor movement for a  world without war. The event was sponsored by the Coalition To Oppose the Arms Race.

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Doukhobors Quarantined at Grosse Isle, 1899. From 1832 to 1937, the quarantine station at Grosse Isle, Quebec treated sick immigrants and prevented the spread of infectious diseases along the Laurentian gateway to Canada. The following article describes the quarantine of Doukhobor immigrants at Grosse Isle in June 1899. Adapted by Jonathan Kalmakoff from Koozma J. Tarasoff's articles, "New Information on S.S. Lake Huron Which Brought the Last Group of Russian Doukhobors to Canada in June 1899" in ISKRA No.1865 (Grand Forks: U.S.C.C., January 13, 1999) and "Parks Canada Unveils Interpretive Panel on Grosse Ile Commemorating the Doukhobors Arrival in Quarantine in 1899" in ISKRA No.1878 (Grand Forks: U.S.C.C., September 15, 1999).

Doukhobors Quarantined at Lawlors Island, 1899. From 1866 to 1938, the quarantine station at Lawlor's Island, Nova Scotia treated sick immigrants and prevented the spread of infectious diseases at the mouth of Halifax Harbour. The following article describes the quarantine of Doukhobor immigrants at Lawlor's Island in February 1899. Reproduced from Koozma J. Tarasoff's article, "The Doukhobors at the Quarantine Station on Lawlor's Island" in ISKRA No.1869 (Grand Forks: U.S.C.C., March 10, 1999).

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Poem: Pictorial History of the Doukhobors. Koozma J. Tarasoff's Poem used for chapter openings in his book Pictorial History of the Doukhobors, 1969

Errata, corrections to typographical errors.

For:  Spirit Wrestlers: Doukhobor Pioneers' Strategies for Living
For:  Spirit-Wrestlers' Voices

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