Historians Against War

July 27, 2006
Hon. Stephen Harper
Prime Minister of Canada
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario

Dear Hon. Stephen Harper:

As you are aware, the situation in the Israeli / Palestinian conflict is critical and requires immediate action. As Prime Minister, you ought to urge the United Nations to stop the war immediately and work towards a nonviolent solution. As a Canadian citizen, I belong to an international organization called Historians Against War (HAW). This group of concerned world scholars has adpoted the following position which can also be applied to Canada:

“July, 2006. The Steering Committee of Historians Against the War deplores the role of the U.S. government in widening the circle of violence in the Middle East. We condemn the Bush Administration's senseless quest for military solutions to the region's problems exemplified by the invasion of Iraq, diplomatic and material aid for the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, and threats of military action against Iran. We call upon Congress and the Bush Administration to support an immediate cease-fire in Lebanon/Israel/Gaza, turn away from militarism, and embrace genuine international efforts aimed at resolving underlying political conflicts.” (See more details on their website: www.historiansagainstwar.org).

Mr. Prime Minister, I urge you and your Government to adopt the stance taken by the leading historians of the world.  Please call on Parliament to seek an alternative foreign policy that leads to a nonkilling society. Stop taking positions in the Israeli/ Palestinian conflict.  In war, we are all losers. In peace, we can all win.


A concerned Canadian citizen
Koozma J. Tarasoff
Ottawa, Canada

UPDATE — April 9, 2009

Vote on new HAW statement

The Historians Against War Steering Committee has endorsed a new basic statement for HAW, which would replace the 2003 statement that focused on ending the occupation of Iraq.
  • A YES vote on the new statement is a vote to supersede the 2003 statement, create a new membership category ...
  • A NO vote on the new statement is a vote to retain the 2003 statement as an expression
I have signed the the new statement one that is worthy to be supported by concerned people in North America and elsewhere.


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