Doukhobor Cultural Bridge-building Project

9. Trip Back to Ontario

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144 photos taken at locations on map above
  1. Manitoba (4 photos)
  2. a. Saskachewan — Veregin, Canora (21 photos)
    b. Saskachewan — South Colonies (23 photos by Dr. Fred Strukoff)
  3. Saskachewan — Saskatoon, Langham, Blaine Lake, Regina  (13 photos)
  4. Alberta — Pincher Creek, Cowley and Lundbreck (4 photos)
  5. Alberta — Calgary (5 photos)
  6. British Columbia — Creston (4 photos)
  7. B.C. — Castlegar, Nelson, Grand Forks (14 photos)
  8. B.C.— Brilliant (USCC Union of Youth Festival) (25 photos)
  9. Return trip to Ontario (31 photos)

9. Return Trip

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C1440-05 — Allan Markin speaks at the celebrations honouring Lillian and Jim Popoff’s 40th wedding anniversary, Castlegar, BC. May 21, 2006
C1440-07 — Guests and relatives from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Marlene and Alec Postnikoff, speak in Castlegar in honour of Jim and Lillian Popoff’s 40th Anniversary Wedding. May 21, 2006 C1440-09 — Jim and Lillian Popoff cut a cake in honour of their 40th Wedding Anniversary, Castlegar, BC. May 21, 2006
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C1440-20 — Annual meeting of The Doukhobor Heritage Retreat Society, Castlegar, BC. May 21, 2006. This group has been active in developing the a unique resort and learning facility at Whatshan Lake in northern British Columbia where they host the annual Whatshan Lake Music Festival.
C1440-22 — Our host Nick Verigin of Pass Creek, BC with guest Alexei M. Oslopov of Tbilisi, Georgia.  May 22, 2006 C1441-02 — Close-up of Tim Fomenoff and Walter Malakoff on guitars entertaining the traveling guests across Western Canada. At the Novoe Poselka, Crescent Valley, B.C. May 23, 2006
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C1441-04 — Vegetarian lunch at the home of hosts Ann and Tim Fomenoff of Novoe Poselka, Crescent Valley, BC. Guests: Koozma J. Tarasoff, Walter Malakoff, and Alexei M. Oslopov. May 23, 2006
C1441-08 — Visitors Koozma J. Tarasoff and Alexei M. Oslopov with Peter Rezansoff in his summer home on Christina Lake, B.C. Peter is an award-winning builder of a high-rise company (The Intertech Group) in Vancouver, BC. May 24, 2006 C1441-09 — Close-up of Peter Perepelkin (owner of Sun-Lite Travel and a clothing store) with Alexei Oslopov in Grand Forks, BC.  May 24, 2006
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C1441-11 — Alexei Oslopov with master craftsman Jerry/Paul Seminoff at his Pioneer Garden, Grand Forks, B.C. May 24, 2006 C1441-14 — Alexei Oslopov with Jerry/Paul Seminoff in his workshop, Grand Forks, BC.  May 24, 2006 C1441-19 — Close-up of Ken Harshenin (a retired teacher, now School Trustee) and his son Jason (former editor of Iskra, now Managing Editor of Grand Forks Gazette), Grand Forks, BC.  May 25, 2006
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C1441-20 — Wooden sign at the entrance of the Gilpin vanishing zealot community, British Columbia. May 25, 2006
C1441-21 — Close-up of Peter Slastukin, relative of Alexei Oslopov. May 25, 2006 C1441-24 — Meeting of the Council of Doukhobors (BC), Castlegar, BC. May 25, 2006
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C1442-11 — Doukhobor cooks meet grieving relatives and friends in front of the USCC Community Centre, Grand Forks, BC, following the burial of an elder. A vegetarian meal of borshch, lapsha, cheese, dessert, and tea or coffee followed in the basement.  May 27, 2006 C1442-19 — Alexei holds the hand of John J. Verigin, Sr.while Laura Verigin stands behind, at their home in Sirotskaya, Grand Forks, BC. May 27, 2006 C1442-20 — Barry Verigin, youngest son, messages his father’s neck at the Sirotskaya home, Grand Forks, BC. May 27, 2006
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C1442-25 — Octogenarians Alexei Oslopov and folk historian Eli A. Popoff of Grand Forks, BC. May 27, 2006
C1443-04 — Octogenarians: a Doukhobor woman, Eli A. Popoff and Alexei M. Oslopov. May 28, 2006 C1443-05 — MIR Centre for Peace, Selkirk College, Castlegar, BC. May 28, 2006
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C1443-08 — Alexei Oslopov speaks at a public meeting in Brilliant, BC. May 28, 2006
C1443-12 — Harry Killough (peace activist), Alexei Oslopov and Larry A. Ewashen (curator of Doukhobor Village Museum, Castlegar, BC). May 29, 2006 C1443-19 — Alexei Oslopov visits in Cowley, Alberta with Alberta pioneers Dunia and Michael Verigin as well as with educator Bill Davidoff of Pincher Creek. May 29, 2006
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C1444-00A — Close-up of copper plaque honouring Doukhobors erected by the Blaine Lake and Saskatoon Doukhobor Societies in 2005. Dedicated to Doukhobor settlers and descendants. May 31, 2006
C1444-5A — Reconstructed Doukhobor Dugout House (zemlanka) near the North Saskatchewan River [Uspenie Village]. May 31, 2006. Left to right: Brenda Cheveldayoff (initiator of the Dugout project), Don Cheveldayoff, Alexei Oslopov of Tbilisi, Georgia, Elizabeth Cheveldayoff, and Mae Popoff (Saskatoon elder). C1444-12A — Close-up of bronze plaque that officially unveiled the Doukhobor Dugout House project and which was named as a Provincial Heritage Property on June 25, 2005. Also see: Uspenie/Ospenie village, Doukhobor Genealogy Website
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C1444-19A — Close-up of hosts and visitors at the Doukhobor Dugout House site with picturesque North Saskatchewan River in the background. Left to right: Mae Popoff, Don Cheveldayoff, Alexei Oslopov, Elizabeth Cheveldayoff and Brenda Cheveldayoff (initiator of the project). May 31, 2006 C1444-14A+ C1444-15A — A panoramic view of the North Saskatchewan River from the site of the Dugout zemlanka. May 31, 2006.

Also see: International Guest at the Doukhobor Dugout House, by Mae Popoff, Saskatoon
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C1444-22A — Alexei Oslopov stands beside old steam engine tractor, Western Development Museum, Yorkton, Saskatchewan. June 1, 2006
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