Doukhobor Cultural Bridge-building Project

4, 5. Alberta — 6. British Columbia

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144 photos taken at
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  1. Manitoba (4 photos)
  2. a. Saskachewan — Veregin, Canora (21 photos)
    b. Saskachewan — South Colonies (23 photos by Dr. Fred Strukoff)
  3. Saskachewan — Saskatoon, Langham, Blaine Lake, Regina  (13 photos)
  4. Alberta — Pincher Creek, Cowley and Lundbreck (4 photos)
  5. Alberta — Calgary (5 photos)
  6. British Columbia — Creston (4 photos)
  7. B.C. — Castlegar, Nelson, Grand Forks (14 photos)
  8. B.C.— Brilliant (USCC Union of Youth Festival) (25 photos)
  9. Return trip to Ontario (31 photos)

4. Alberta

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C1429-11 — Alexei Oslopov in front of 1 of 145 wind turbines, Pincher Creek, Alberta. May 13, 2006 C1429-14 — Bilingual sign on main highway 1/3 mile north of  Cowley, Alberta: "Toil  and Peaceful Life". May 13, 2006 C1429-18 — Cemetery plaque by the United Doukhobors of Alberta, Lundbreck, Alberta. May 13, 2006 C1429-22 — Alexei Oslopov at the Livingstone Hutterite Colony, Lundbreck, Alberta. May 13, 2006

5. Alberta

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C1429-25 — Alexei Oslopov (left) with Larry and Helen Negrave (back) and Jan and Jack Tarasoff (sitting), Calgary, Alberta. May 13, 2006. C1430-04 — Luncheon in Blaine Lake, Saskatchewan with host Mabel Androsoff (middle). Guests: Mae Popoff of Saskatoon; and Alexei Oslopov of Tbilisi, Georgia. May 10, 2006 C1431-01 — Doukhobors in Calgary, Alberta. May 13, 2006 — Left to right: Alexei M. Oslopov, Larry Negrave, Jan (Mrs. Jack) Tarasoff, Helen Negrave, and Jack Tarasoff. Larry Negrave, Jack Tarasoff and Koozma J. Tarasoff first met together at the VI World Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow, July 1957.
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More about Alberta Doukhobors:
C1431-14A — Calgary Doukhobor Cultural Association hold Sunday sobranie/meeting with Georgian Doukhobor Alexei Oslopov (centre, with light blue suit). May 14, 2006. C1431-16A — Alberta hosts Jack and Jan Tarasoff with Alexei Oslopov. May 14, 2006

6. British Columbia

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C1431-19A — Alexei Oslopov at theSinclair Canyon, Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia. May 15, 2006 C1431-21A — Sobranie meeting at Creston, British Columbia with Georgian Doukhobor Alexei Oslopov sitting in centre. May 15, 2006
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C1432-04 — Bob Ewashen’s cultural collection, Creston, BC. May 16, 2006
C1431-23A — Close-up of educator Bob Ewashen at his hobby rug-making machine in his home, Creston, BC.  May 16, 2006
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